About Plutuspocket.com

Plutus is the ancient Greek god of wealth. We do not need to explain the other word. The combination of these words makes the name of the website. If you want to be wealthier and have fuller pockets, you have to go step by step with the newest technologies and money management tendencies.

This is why this site was born – to tell you about natural ways to economise expenses. To be more particular, how to save money on bank transfers and card payments. It can be straightforward!

You have probably heard the term “Fintech”. Yes, PlutusPocket.com is about it and how it impacts our lives.

Furthermore, Plutus is going to help you to select the best e-banking provider, decent prepaid cards issuer, and many more. PlutusPocket.com team is ready to update the content often and introduce the users with the newest Fintech players.

PlutusPocket team is excited and happy to help the people save and optimise their finances where possible.

If you want to reach us with your ideas, news, updates, feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page.

Best wishes,

PlutusPocket.com team