Great news for every Revolut user which loves buying online. As you may know, a lot of e-shops accept only the cards with implemented 3DS security. Revolut didn’t have this feature for a very long time. That was a bit disappointing, we even mentioned that in Revolut review. However, the company finally announced that 3D is enabled for all the users. Of course, it works for cards issued by Mastercard and Visa.

Furthermore, due to laws and regulations, the feature will be not available to turn it off since September 14th. More strict regulations kick in frequently and more news from FCA and other authorities are just around the corner.

How does it work?

Every time the user wants to pay at an online shop which has 3DS enabled, Revolut sends push notification which requires to open an app and click the “Confirm” button. Otherwise, the payment will be not authorized. By the way, the payment can still be declined due to other reasons such as insufficient balance, blocked card, limits, etc.

That of course, brings Revolut and its payment system to a totally different level which is way more secure. It prevents fraud and unauthorized use of a card. Furthermore, it allows paying at many more e-shops.

However, this feature does not work when paying by card at physical places, as well as using it at ATM. On the other hand, a customer always gets a notification when the card is used to pay at the store, restaurant, or any other place.

Important to say, even the feature is enabled, it may be still not accepted by some e-shops because of different merchants and the ways they handle payments.

All in all, Revolut has moved forward once again. It just made its services more attractive and convenient. 3DS is what we were waiting for a long time, and now it’s here, on Revolut. We are very glad to see it!

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