After being successful in Europe, Revolut goes to the Asian market. The first country this fintech comes in – Singapore. However, Revolut opened the beta version for 30,000 customers only. And of course, to accept all the residents after the beta is successfully tested. Singaporeans get a multi-currency debit card which surely supports Singapore dollar together with 13 other currencies.

Moreover, Revolut announced that it plans to open a lot of job positions here in Singapore, as well as more investment opportunities to the area.

On the other hand, not all the features are available at the moment, but Revolut promises to enable perks like crypto trading or commission-free stock trading within time.

Finally, Revolut does not plan to stop and it expects to start providing its services in the USA and Canada later this year. But we still do not have any rumours about expanding to other Asian markets to this day. Though, knowing the speed of Revolut growth, we probably will see that in the nearest future.

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